“Good Things Happen When Kids Keep On Playing!”​

Regional Manager at Dove Data

It’s awesome to experience the blessing of amazing people and the impact they have in your life. Some of the most “chance” meetings can have such profound implications.

Thanks again to the team at #SomethingNew, #ScottMacgrgregor, #TeamThuzio, and #MarnieSchneider for introducing me to the #KeeponPlayingFoundation.

The Keep on Playing Foundation (http://keeponplaying.org) teaches children (and I would argue adults as well) the values of academic achievement, excellence, integrity, perseverance, respect, responsibility, & sportsmanship through the power of play. “Good things happen when kids keep on playing.”

So if it’s in your heart please support this worthy cause. Below is a link to make a tax deductible donation where 100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting the Keep on Playing mission.


I do believe that it is a blessing to be a blessing, and the children of today need it more than ever.

We understand that everyone is not able to contribute financially, but please at least tell someone about the foundation. Our goal is to raise awareness and ultimately help more children all across the country “Keep on Playing.” We are a lot stronger collectively than any of us are individually.

I do sincerely thank everyone who takes the time to read, re-post, and support the Keep on Playing Foundation. Hats off to you Marnie for having the passion, vision, and zeal to enact real change as opposed to just talking about it.

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