Intro To Batting

kellyparis_baseballcardBy Kelly Paris
Kelly Paris is a retired professional baseball player who played in the Major Leagues with the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox. He played as third baseman and shortstop.

TOPIC: Intro to Batting

Hitting a baseball with a bat is one of the most difficult skills to master. Professional baseball players make hitting
a homerun look so easy…but it’s not! Even the professionals can strike out. The pros practice for years, day in and
day out, to perfect their winning swing. You, too, can learn how to swing like a pro by following a few basic tips.
And lots and lots of PRACTICE!

TIP #1 Safety First!

The pro’s know that if they want to play in the big game, they have to stay healthy and not get injured. Follow
these guidelines to make your practice sessions safe and fun!
● Make sure you are wearing proper athletic shoes (no flip flops, sandals, etc).
● Always wear a batting helmet!
● Give yourself (and others) some space — always make sure there is no one near you when swinging.
● Tell your coach about your level of experience with baseball. They want to help you learn at your

TIP #2 Pick The Right Bat!

Batting takes a lot of patience, whole body strength and coordination. It will take time and practice for you to learn
the mechanics of swinging the bat properly. I recommend starting with a bat that isn’t too heavy. Some coaches
may even have you practice your swing without a bat!

TIP #3 Get a Grip!

Here are the steps for a GOOD GRIP:
● If you are a RIGHTY — then left hand on the bottom and right hand on top.
● If you are a LEFTY — then right hand on the bottom and left hand on top.
● Your hands SHOULD TOUCH.
● There should be about 6 inches between the bat and your chest.
● Don’t place the bat on your shoulder. If it’s too heavy, get a lighter bat.

TIP #4 EYES on the Ball! Swing!

● Stand sideways, with your legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.
● Watch the ball…both eyes focused on the pitcher, your weight on your back foot.
● When the ball is in front of you…swing! Don’t stop the swing once you make contact with the ball,
follow through the swing up over your shoulder.
● Let the bat go and RUN!


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